Director Nino Leitner


Nino Leitner is a filmmaker and artist born in Innsbruck/Austria. He finished his master studies in MultiMediaArt at the University of Applied Sciences and Technologies in Salzburg (= "Fachhochschule Salzburg") in December 2006 with merit. He spent his winter study period of 2004/2005 as an exchange student at the film studies faculty of Solent University in Southampton, England.

There, he directed a short documentary, which deals with the omnipresent video surveillance in Great Britain in a critical, yet objective way. Two Spanish students, Naiara Martinez di Marigorta and Javier García Garaizar were the producers of the film, while a fellow student of Nino from Austria, Gregor Grkinic and a regular student in Southampton were also part of the team.

Nino felt that the topic wasn't given enough room in the short 15-minute-film, and so he decided to re-activate the project in 2006 and made it his diploma film. After months of research, he went back to Britain with a new team, and shot a range of new interviews and lots of new background material. The final touches are currently put onto the 60-minute-film, which will be finished in January 2007.

His other works include photography, graphic design, and, most importantly, other video and film works. Short films like "Merry Christmas?" (original title: "Wo, du fröhliche Weihnachtszeit?") earned some recognition at international video festivals. This short film was also broadcasted on Luxemburg's private channel "Tango TV". Other video works of Nino are "Mind the Bag", another short film that deals with a drug courier's daily business travelling around the world, the music video "Mrs. Brainhaker" for the successful young Austrian Pop band "Urban Ego", or "Kualala Lumpur" for the band "Hotchpotch", which is on heavy rotation on the Austrian music video channel Go-TV. It won first price at the MUVI Music Video Award 2006, which was issued by the Austrian "cultural laboratory" STROMBOLI. Other video works of Nino are several TV commercials, and artistic videos like his "Künstler-Lektion" ("artist lesson") that brought Edison's most important invention, the electric bulb, to new glory.

In the summer of 2004, Nino made an internship at the DVD-post-production house and sound studio "Solid Sound" in Hall/Tirol, where he contributed his skills in order to create intro animation and menu designs for the new DVD release of BMG Bertelsmann's and Anke Engelke's sitcom "Anke - Die Comedyserie" for the German TV channel "Sat 1", among other things.

In 2005, he was an intern at "Novotny & Novotny Film Production" in Vienna for several months, mainly working in the field of commercials as production assistant with a great range of creative and technical responsibilities before and during the shootings.

Nino has also been working in photography for several years already, assisting the photographer Gerda Eichholzer, who is based in Munich and Innsbruck as a digital artist.

Nino Leitner also does a lot of commercial video and film work and enjoys to realise his own original ideas in all of his films. His next aim is to work professionally on documentaries in Britain, where the standard for factual film is probably the highest in the world. Currently, Nino lives and works in Vienna.